Atlanta Braves Still Have Hope for Postseason Success in 2020

Despite all the setbacks in 2020, the Atlanta Braves still have hope that they can make a deep run in the postseason this October.

Tuesday may have been the second-worst day of the 2020 season for the Atlanta Braves having lost Max Fried to the IL and then getting destroyed by the Miami Marlins 8-0.

But I’m here to tell you there is still hope for the 2020 season.

With the postseason expanded to 16 teams this year the Braves are still pretty much a lock to make the postseason, even though it’s looking like they might not do that as NL East champions.

If we’re being honest, the Philadelphia Phillies — and perhaps even the Marlins — are a better team right now.

But with the schedule the Braves have the rest of the way it would take an epic collapse for them not to make the postseason.

But with Mike Soroka out for the season, Fried on the IL, and Cole Hamels yet to make his first pitch as a Braves, it’s hard to see them making much noise once they get to the postseason.

However, the Braves are hoping Fried won’t miss much time and Hamels could make his debut as early as next week.

If those two can show they’re healthy and top of the rotation pitchers like they have been, then the Braves certainly have a good chance of winning in the postseason with their lineup and bullpen.

The biggest question will be how much Hamels can get stretched out with only two weeks left in the regular season once he returns.

He’s a veteran, so hopefully, it won’t take him as long. But we’ll need him and Fried to be able to go at least five innings in a postseason start.

And then on the offensive side, Ozzie Ablies is expected to be back soon. If he comes back healthy it gives a big boost to this offense.

Consider a lineup in the postseason that looks something like this:

Acuna – CF

Dansby – SS

Freeman – 1B

Ozuna – DH

Ozzie – 2B

Riley – 3B


Markakis  – RF

Duvall – LF


That would be a scary lineup for any pitcher to face in the postseason and one that can certainly put up some runs against a team’s two or three starter.

I’m certainly not ready to say this Braves team is a favorite to win the World Series right now, but I’m just trying to give you a little hope of what could be.