Atlanta Braves Podcast 30: MVFreeman and the coming playoffs

Another week done and another week with the Atlanta Braves still on top.

As this is being written, the Atlanta Braves are about to move into a tie with the Chicago Cubs for the 2nd seed in the National League playoff race, the result of the Cubs losing 2 of 3 games to the Twins while the Braves took their rubber match against the Mets.

The playoffs are getting close:  7 games remain in the ir-regular season, and the division-cliching magic number for Atlanta now stands at five.

At this point, even a split of the upcoming Marlins series would drop that number to 1 — meaning nothing worse than a division tie as the Red Sox come into Atlanta next weekend.

So we’re looking forward in this podcast:  forward to a playoff rotation and how that might go; forward to a certain post-season award; forward to possible playoff opponents and forward to whether these new and novel MLB rules for 2020 might ‘stick’ in the future.

Jake, Fred, and Alan are never shy about expressing their “Takes” on these topics, and we’d like to hear yours as well.

This is the first podcast we’ve served up from Omny Studio — a new site to host these files.  All prior episodes have been moved over to there from Spreaker, so if you’re looking for something from us, you can find everything at

In the meantime, let’s see how we can get this episode to you…


In any case:  thanks for listening… we’re kinda having fun with this now, and hope that it’s a way to discuss the issues of Atlanta Braves baseball that are trickier to put down into typed words.

See y’all next week!