Atlanta Braves Podcast episode 31: we’re going to the playoffs!

Is the regular season really done already for the Atlanta Braves?

Yes, Braves Country, we’re coming up on the last regular-season game on Sunday for our Atlanta Braves, but even this short session has brought with it another NL East division title.

It’s a good time to reflect for a moment on exactly how this team managed to pull this off.  Here were have a club that was ostensibly built around strong starting pitching — yet it’s pretty clear that this club isn’t waving that brand-new banner as a result of its rotation.

No, it’s been one of the strongest offenses that the Braves have ever put together, backed up by a solid defense and a bullpen that has a voice as being one the deepest in baseball.

How good?  Let’s check:

  • Team OPS:  .839 entering Game 59.  That’s #1 in the sport, and not by a small margin
    • The Dodgers are second (.821)
    • The Mets (?!) are third (.806)
    • The Padres are fourth (.800)
  • Historic perspective of that .839 OPS.
    • In the modern era of baseball, this is the #1 Braves OPS ever. The next closest club was the 2003 team with .824.
    • In the entire history of the Braves franchise, this 2020 offense is bested only by the 1894 team with their .885 mark.

After this, we discussed post-season awards and the state of baseball with some team seemingly coasting into this final week… I think we all want the regular season to be more meaningful without some clubs getting a playoff ticket like it’s some sort of participation trophy.

In any case:  here’s our Episode 31 for your listening pleasure… you can hear it right here, or via most of your favorite podcast subscription services.  We’re also now being hosted via


Thanks for listening — hopefully you get some entertainment from what we’re doing, as we certainly enjoy putting it together for you.

Next week… we could be live commenting on a live playoff game if the schedule permits!