Atlanta Braves Need to Finish Off the Marlins in Game 3 of NLDS

It goes without saying that the Atlanta Braves would be much better off if they are able to finish the sweep of the Miami Marlins.

Hopefully the Atlanta Braves are bringing their brooms to the park today. After all, it is Halloween season.

Holding a 2-0 series lead over the Miami Marlins, the Atlanta Braves are looking to complete the sweep on Thursday afternoon and continue their stellar start to the 2020 postseason.

When MLB announced the playoff schedule, it was clearly more rushed than ever before and hardly any off days were included, in fact the only off days accounted for was one day in between series.

That of course makes all teams have to use a little more starting pitching and a little more strategy than in years past. No longer could a team use 3 starters for the entire playoffs (Yes, I am aware that if the Atlanta Braves win this game, they would not use a fourth “starter” until a potential game four of the NLCS.

That’s the thing though. It would be a huge boost for the Atlanta Braves if they could go ahead and eliminate the Marlins, and be better prepared to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers most likely. If the Atlanta Braves were to complete the sweep, they would have three days off before the NLCS were to begin on Monday. That’s more than enough time to circle back to the norm and have Max Fried, and Ian Anderson go games 1 an 2 in the series.

Also, despite the Atlanta Braves having a stellar bullpen, I think most would agree one would prefer to avoid a potential bullpen game in game 4 of the NLDS if the Marlins were to win today. All it takes is one pitcher to be off, and the whole game could come crashing down. Let’s say that were to happen….what team would have the momentum in a game 5 winner take all. It would not be the Atlanta Braves.

It is fair to assume that the Dodgers are going to make quick work of the San Diego Padres as well, possibly sweeping them as soon as tonight as well. The Dodgers are already the class of the field, and if they are going to be at full strength come Game 1, we darn sure better be to.


However, let’s don’t get to far ahead of ourselves and completely write off the Miami Marlins. All I’m saying is the Atlanta Braves would obviously be better off going ahead and completing the sweep today.