Atlanta Braves Podcast episode 37: What happens after Charlie Morton?

This was a solid week for the Atlanta Braves as two new rotation members were acquired within the last 10 days.

Imagine for just a fleeting moment that you’re not an Atlanta Braves fan and from afar, you’re watching the swiftness at which this team is making moves to improve their team for the 2021 season… while your own club is struggling to get started at all.

That’s the kind of feeling that has to be eating at the fans of the Phillies (in particular), Mets, and Nationals this weekend as we’re at the Thanksgiving break and Atlanta has already finished off getting arms to fix what was a patchwork rotation for most of 2020.

So now… it’s time to move on to bigger and ‘batter’ things, and there’s nearly three full months available to get that done.

So while we thought that we could set the podcasts aside until the beginning of December, Alex Anthopoulos had other ideas.  Heck, the way he’s been going, the Braves might ink a catcher to backup Travis d’Arnaud before the weekend is out.

Funny thing about operating in this manner:  when you strike first, everybody is still available and you can choose to go after literally any player… it truly seems puzzling that other clubs don’t seem to try and employ the same tactic.

In this podcast, we provide expanded reactions to the signing of Morton, and updates to Drew Smyly‘s acquisition in light of this new news, while then also looking forward to the next tasks on the needs list for Atlanta.

So here’s the player for it if you’d like to get started immediately:

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Sorry for interrupting your holiday weekend with this, but while we’re sharing our thoughts, we’d also like to see your reactions to what the Atlanta Braves have done thus far.


Thanks for listening and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!