Braves News: MLB Planning for Season to Start On Time

In maybe the best news we’ve heard in a while, the Atlanta Braves are expected to start spring training in about a month.

The hot stove season has been mighty cold for the Atlanta Braves and many other teams lately, but the latest report from Rob Manfred and MLB could help turn up the heat.

Recent discussions, that were made known to US Today in this article, have led to the commissioner saying that teams should plan for the upcoming season to start on time and for all 162 games to be played.

Now, this is still about as vague as his statement that teams should plan on there not being a DH in the National League this season, but I’m actually more convinced of this one to be true.

Maybe that’s pure optimism from me who wants to see a full season played again, but I also think the players have all the leverage here and they want their full salaries.

Plus, they’ve already proven they can play under these difficult circumstances.

Another note in the USA Today article is that it sounds like the two sides are currently discussing the possibility of the DH in 2021 and expanded postseason. Hopefully we get clarification on those two items in the coming weeks.

As a baseball fan, this is great news. It means that the Braves and other teams are just a month away from pitchers and catchers arriving for spring training camp.

The first spring training game for the Braves is scheduled for February 27th against the Baltimore Orioles.

As of right now, tickets are not on sale for spring training games and it’s unclear if fans will be allowed in attendance for those games.

On that note, Bill Shaikin of the LA Times is reporting that MLB will not require fans to have the COVID vaccination to enter stadiums this season.

Fans will also not be required by MLB to have their temperature checked or provide a negative COVID-19 test.

However, the league says that each MLB team is allowed to put those measures in place if they so choose.

I have tickets to the Braves home opener, so this is encouraging news that I’ll be able to use those tickets.

The league is still asking teams to make sure they sell tickets in “pods” to keep people socially distance and that fans wear a mask at all times unless eating or drinking.

These are certainly positive steps towards us having a somewhat normal Braves baseball season in 2021. It cant get here soon enough.