Eddie Rosario should be on the Atlanta Braves radar

Eddie Rosario makes a ton of sense as a player that the Atlanta Braves should be targeting as a possible addition to the team’s 2021 outfield.

Since being non-tendered by the Minnesota Twins in early December, I have felt that way and even more so now that his market has seemingly been slow-burning in the almost two months since.

For whatever reason or reasons, it has seemed that Rosario has been undervalued around the league as he has been an above-average producer the last few seasons for the Twins. A superstar he is not, but a bat that a team like the Atlanta Braves could very easily slide somewhere into the 5 hole in the lineup or somewhere near it.

Over the last two seasons, some writers have taken notice of Rosario’s play as he has quietly even got a tiny bit of MVP votes therefore it has allowed him to finish in the top 20 of AL MVP voting for the last two seasons.

Another need that Rosario would seemingly cross off for the Atlanta Braves would be a left-handed hitter to balance out the lineup. As of now the only left-handed hitter projected for an everyday role is of course Freddie Freeman.

A career .277 hitter, Rosario is sitting right on the cusp of 120 career home runs as he has 119 on his career. He will also turn 30 years old at the very end of the upcoming 2021 season.

A quick glance back on his career stats and you will see what you will get for the most part. Again, around a .270 average with a high 20 something home run count and close to 100 RBI. I think I speak for most when I say we would gladly sign up for that, especially after I present the next bit of information that would tag along with the potential signing.

Most pundits have Rosario signing a contract worth anywhere between $7 and $11 million per year. The kicker is that whatever team eventually signs him will also control his rights for the 2022 season if they decide to tender him a contract unlike the Twins did this past Winter.

So for my money, if the Braves are trying to find the best solution to left field without breaking the bank, they should look no further than Eddie Rosario.