Braves: Freddie Freeman Working His Way Back into MVP Consideration

It was a slow start to the season for the reigning NL MVP, but Freddie Freeman has really taken off for the Atlanta Braves lately. 

To say it’s been a frustrating year for Freddie Freeman and the Atlanta Braves would be a huge understatement.

We all expected the face of the franchise to get a contract extension before the season began and that never happened.

I believe that has had a lot to do with the atmosphere in the clubhouse and the overall demeanor of Freddie Freeman this year, which doesn’t seem as joyful as normal.

And perhaps that had something to do with his slow start, however, it’s possible I’m making way too much of that as well.

Either way, the first baseman seems to have settled in and is really taking off.

After hitting just .235 through the first two months of the season, he hit .306 in June with an .868 OPS. He’s continued that hot streak into July where he’s hitting .400 with a 1.183 OPS in 13 games with 4 home runs.

Freeman’s overall season numbers now look like this: .283/.394/.596 with 21 home runs, 54 RBI, and a .893 OPS.


Braves: Is Freddie Freeman back in the MVP race?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say Freddie Freeman is an MVP candidate right now. Fernando Tatis Jr., Nick Castellanos, Jacob deGrom, and Max Muncy are the likely favorites at the moment.

But if Freeman continues hitting like he has been and gets the Braves back into the postseason, I could certainly see him having a shot at winning back-to-back MVP trophies.

You look at where he ranks right now and he’s in the top 15 of a lot of major categories in the National League.

He’s 14th in average, 8th in OBP, 13th in SLG, 13th in OPS, 14th in wRC+, 6th in home runs, 4th in runs scored, 17th in RBI, 3rd in walks (5th in BB%), and he has 5 stolen bases.

OPS is probably the stat a lot of people look at when determining who could win the MVP. And while he currently ranks 13th, he’s only 17 points away from moving up to 6th.

It’s a long shot for sure, but after his start and with everything that’s gone on this season, to be where he is now just speaks volumes to the type of player he is — which we already knew.

And if the Braves are going make a run at the division, it will be on the back of Freddie Freeman.