Atlanta Braves: The Check for Freddie Freeman Keeps Going Up

It’s the conversation that has surrounded the majority of the 2021 season for the Atlanta Braves, why have they not signed Freddie Freeman? 

And as the season goes along, it seems like the check from the Atlanta Braves to pay Freddie Freeman just keeps getting larger.

We have no idea why the two sides haven’t agreed to a deal as of yet. I can speculate that both sides made an offer in the Spring, the Braves didn’t meet Freddie’s request, and they decided not to make it an issue during the season.

Although, to their best efforts — and while it may not have been an issue for them — it’s certainly been the most talked about topic from a fan’s perspective, and even the media.

When I turned on MLB Central Wednesday morning they started the show talking about how Alex Anthopoulos is going to need to back a Brinks truck up to Freddie’s house.

I have to imagine that whatever the request was from Freddie’s side back in the Spring, AA gives it to him now. He just has to hope that their asking price hasn’t gone up.


Braves: How Much Will Freddie Freeman Get

Everybody always points to the 5-year, $130 million deal that Paul Goldschmidt got when he was 31.

Freddie is 32, so five years certainly seems reasonable for a first baseman. That would have him with Atlanta through his age 36 season and his 17 years overall.

That seems fair and I can’t imagine the Braves not agreeing to that type of deal for their franchise player.

But from Freddie’s side, you’re talking about the 2020 NL MVP and someone who probably finishes top 8 in the NL MVP again this year after slashing .300/.393/.503 with a .896 OPS, 31 home runs, 120 runs scored, and 83 RBI.

Not to mention what he does with the glove at first base.

And then he had one of the biggest moments of his career in Game 4 of the ALDS hitting a go-ahead home run against the best closer in baseball.

I know it’s probably not the best way to run a business, but give this man anything he wants — just make sure he never wears another uniform.

As Mark DeRose said on MLB Central, he’s already going into the Braves Hall of Fame and his number will be retired with the greats like Hank Aaron, Greg Maddux, and Chipper Jones.

He’s shown no signs of slowing down and has been maybe the most consistent player in baseball for the last six years with an average of .300 or higher and an OPS of .892 or higher in that span.

While he might lose power as he gets older, that swing will always play. I’d be comfortable giving him a six-year deal at $150 million with a seventh-year option.

But again, I’d be willing to give him both of my arms to keep him in Atlanta. I feel confident they will (keep him in Atlanta), but AA might regret not getting it done sooner if Freddie has more moments like this in the postseason.