Favorite Atlanta Braves Draft Picks from 2022 MLB Draft

The 2022 MLB Draft ended on Tuesday. We take a look at some of the best picks from the Atlanta Braves that we’re excited to watch. 

Going into the 2022 MLB Draft, the Atlanta Braves were poised to restock a farm system that had been depleted by promotions and the trade for Matt Olson.

A trade sending three prospects to the Kansas City Royals for the 35th pick for a value of over $2 million helped them complete a draft with a lot of upside.

Last year the Braves didn’t draft a high school player under the seventh round. This year they took six high school players, including their first three picks.

While drafting high school players is risky and expensive, they do bring the most upside.

Here are the 2022 MLB Draft picks I’m most looking forward to seeing — assuming the Braves can sign them.


Braves Third Round Pick: Cole Phillips — RHP

Atlanta took right-handed high school pitchers with their first three picks, but it’s the third one that is most intriguing.

It will be a while before we get to see Phillips as he had Tommy John surgery in April, but if he comes back healthy and is able to hold that high velocity deep into outings, the potential is unlimited.

Braves Fourth Round Pick: David McCabe — 3B

It’s clear the strategy for Atlanta is to stockpile a bunch of arms, but there is a real need for some pure hitters in the system.

McCabe certainly fits that build as someone with a lot of power but great discipline at the plate as well. He may ultimately become a DH at the big league level, but the bat seems legit and it wouldn’t be suprising if he becomes one of the best hitting prospects in the system quickly.

Braves 17th Round Pick: Kevin Kilpatrick Jr.

A late-round pick that seems like could be a diamond in the rough, Kilpatrick put up ridiculous numbers at the College of Central Florida this past season batting .383 with 11 home runs, 15 doubles, 8 triples, and 8 stolen bases in 61 games.

Those numbers didn’t come against the best competition, but those tools are really loud.

This is a very important class for the Atlanta Braves and they’ve made a lot of risky picks, but there is plenty to dream on.

Let me know in the comments the picks you’re most excited to see begin their professional career in the system.