To think we lived such a life in such a place

To think that one MLB fan base is experiencing what went on last night. To think that there was a group of fans that really got to stay up all night thinking of the heroic feats that their team was able to reach–being down to their last strike not once but twice and coming back to win it on a walk off job. I don’t know if people realize what long shots that the Cardinals were to begin with. Though I think that Atlanta fans probably have a better idea than most.

Any fan of baseball has to be a bit envious of that team and that fan base today. They’re living the good life in St. Louis right now. They pulled out the win in one of the greatest World Series games ever. It’s the weekend. They have the home stage on a Friday night to become World Champions. What did they do to deserve such a fate?

No matter how many times they make a run again–and similar to what I told my wife when her New York Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2007–it will never be this storybook again. This is as good as it gets, and I can’t see a situation in which they don’t win it at this point.

When Josh Hamilton hit the two run home run in the top of the 10th inning, I thought it was over. I have never been so shocked to see a team not win championship. I tweeted that it was more than just a home run, but a destiny fulfilled. That was the home run that Josh Hamilton was born to hit. Recovered drug addict, almost lost his life after being the number one prospect in baseball. The baseball Gods had brought him to this spot, and he seemingly fly-swatted a ball like he was knocking down some gnats; sinking a pearl effortlessly into the outfield seats and crushing the hopes of a great baseball city all in the blink of an eye. That was it; that was history and I just saw it. That was what went through my brain so fast at that moment.

But I was wrong. And for the fans who were heading for the stands in the 7th inning–you missed World Series history. You missed Game Six in St. Louis. For you, I have nothing to say except shake my head and ask what you were thinking? You did not deserve the ticket to the World Series in the first place. You certainly don’t deserve the feelings you’re having today. You didn’t deserve David Freese’s backside triple (the guy has been murdering backside since he’s been in the big leagues, always a reason I believed he could be a big thing in baseball) and his walk off job into the grass in center.

And to any person who says this sport is boring, I know you couldn’t have seen what happened last night. This is the greatest game on earth. This cements it.

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