Jason Heyward is already in the best shape of his life

Most baseball players typically wait until Spring Training or sometime in February to declare themselves ‘in the best shape of their life’. Jason Heyward has them beaten to the punch.

While experiencing early-morning workouts at least five times a week and sticking to a diet that has eliminated steaks and added a heavy dose of fruit and salads, the Braves right fielder has developed a much leaner athletic frame.

When Heyward reported to Spring Training in February, he was a chiseled 256 pounds. With his weight now sitting between 235-240 pounds, he’s feeling a little more comfortable. The most noticeable difference is that his shoulders are not nearly as bulky as they had been earlier this year.

“I feel great about it,” Heyward said. “I still have my muscles and I still have my strength. I’m still able to throw some weight around. I’m not heavy and I’m not bulky. I’m not feeling too tight anywhere.”

You can read the rest of the article on MLB.com.

The only downside to being in great shape with this much time left to go in the off-season would be if Heyward decided to relax and start dining on porterhouse and T-bones again and playing video games like I do. But he’s a professional athlete and it’s kind of a given that he’ll at least maintain the level he’s reached.

We’ll continue our ‘Heyward watch’ into next season when he hopefully rebounds into an MVP candidate. Maybe I’ll even sponsor his Baseball Reference page again.

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