Atlanta Braves Top 10 Prospects

If you guys haven’t seen Seedlings to Stars Braves prospect list you need to go check that out. It’s not just you’re typical straight forward list, they give us the top player at each position, and then the next ten best prospects. It gives you a good feel for how strong we are at each position within our minor league system.

S2S also ranked the Braves on their Minor League organization as a whole and I’d say that we got a pretty nice grade:

Position Player Upside: B-
Position Player Depth: B
Pitching Upside: A-
Pitching Depth: B
System Grade: B

We may have been snubbed on pitching depth but getting a B in position player depth probably makes up for it. Most extreme Braves fans realize the lack of any big time position player prospects. Since Seedlings to Stars went over our prospects and most other Braves sites have their rankings as well, I thought I should catch up and give you my top ten Braves prospects as well.

rankings after the break…

1. Julio Teheran P

2. Randall Delgado P

3. Arodys Vizcaino P

4. Sean Gilmartin P

5. Christian Bethancourt C

6. Andrelton Simmons SS

7. Tyler PastornickySS

8. Zeke Spruill P

9. Joey Terdoslavich 3B

10. Edward Salcedo 3B

I will be doing in depth rankings on all of these players in the coming weeks.


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