Weekly 'Take Wrap Up

The Weekly ‘Take is a collection of posts and scribings that comprise of what you missed on the site during the past week.

SATURDAY: Jack Wilson & Martin Prado Sign 1 year deals


MONDAY: VIDEO: Bob Costas Interviews Mickey Mantle | Bill James Dan Uggla Projection

TUESDAY: Off-season Outlook with Ben Berkon | M.J. Lloyd ProGUESTus debut at BP | Braves avoid arbitration with Jurrjens, Bourn, O’Flaherty

WEDNESDAY: Top Ten Braves Prospect: Edward Salcedo |

THURSDAY: Bill James Michael Bourn Projection | ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Schedule/Braves featured | VIDEO: Fan catches Dan Uggla’s 30th HR ball of 2011 outside Wrigley | Adrian Gonzalez – MLB the Show ’12 coverboy

TODAY: What if Jair Jurrjens isn’t traded? | PODCAST: The Baseball Show | Bill James Freddie Freeman Projection | Eastbound & Down Season Three Returns

I hope everyone has a nice start to their weekend. Your editor is going gambling this weekend folks. That’s right, daddy needs a new pair of shoes. Hopefully I’m slightly more successful than my bachelor party in Vegas last summer. I’m probably lucky that I still have a job, own a laptop, and have clothes to wear after that trip. But I did meet and spend an evening partying with the lead singer of Blues Traveler. A story for another day.

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